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Look, Any business is gonna require investment.

Empower Network doesn’t play any games… we give you what you need right up front.

And of course we have different levels available.

But you will be able to earn income at every level.  

Whether its at the lowest entry level of $47… or the highest. We all can earn.

I put a link below for our income disclosures… so go check that out.

But let me break it down real quick for you here:

To make money online,

working backwards (3 – 2 – 1) for the things that you  need… are:

3 -Something that people need or want to buy

       So you ask: “Now how will you get them to buy?

2 - Well, You’ll need a sales funnel to promote that “something”

       So then you ask: “Great… how do people find my sales funnel?”

1 - And I say, Glad you asked… You need traffic… aka… people finding your sales funnel through the internet.


The only technical thing and potentially expensive thing about those 3 things I mentioned is the Sales funnel.

Let me show you below what that could cost you…


The High Cost Of Internet Marketing


  • Website ($10 – $18/yr w/private registration)
  • Webhosting ($50 – $160 year)
  • Landing Page creator ($47 – $79/mth)
    • Optimize Press 1
    • Optimize Press 2
    • Online Sales Pro
    • Click Funnels
    • Power Lead System
    • Lead Pages
  • High converting offer (varies, hard to find)
  • Tracking software ($24 – $349/mth)
  • Link rotator ($47 – $97/mth)

This adds up to Over $500 a month.

But as an Empower Network affiliate, you have access to ALL OF THE ABOVE

Why do I know all this… If you know my story from my blog,  I tell how I spent a fortune in wasted time and money trying to figure this thing out.

Well that’s all the things I wasted my time on…

Learning all these affiliate products from all these different vendors and paying a separate fee for each one.

Sometimes, being a in a good financial position. Like I was… to be able to waste money and time… is not a good thing.

But I don’t feel the time and money I wasted will be a total waste if I learned something from it…

And I did…

And I can share it with my teams…

And I do.  

It only makes sense for me to give you a helping hand in Empower Network.

Since the more I help you earn, the better my business will be.

By me giving you a hand and getting you into profit with Empower Network as soon as possible, not only increases your income, but it also ensures your longevity.

So YOU can see the value in creating long-term residuals by helping your teams.

And this is what I help my Teams do too.  stranger

Through our team coaching and mentoring…

Which is so important.

Because I remember when I was working. When I just had a job and was drowning in debt.

I remember then starting full time school again at night on top of my full time job so that with a higher education I might get a raise at work.

And I did all this without a working car.

That’s when I got started in Home Business.

In the middle of that crazy schedule.

I remember when getting started in Home Based Business and not knowing what to do or where to start.

I remember the way I felt working with my mentor and coach

and being part of a growing team… that helped break-it-down and simplify everything for me.

I was totally energized!!!

And that’s when I got to work in my Offline Networking Business,…

in the middle of that crazy schedule of

Full time Job,

Full time School,

and no working car,

and after working with the right mentors and a growing team,… within several months  I was making in my spare time work at home business what I was making on my Full Time Job of 15 years.

And I took that extra money I was making, got totally out of debt, my wife left her job to be a full time mom… which was always her dream…

…And several months later, I was making double in my spare time work at home Networking Business than what I was making on my Full Time Job then of almost 16 years.

And a short time after that I became a Full Time Work At Home Dad.

And then Transitioned over to the Online Internet Marketing business.

Again, it was the Free Time and Spare Monies that I had available to me, through my continued success in my Networking Business.

That help fund my trial and error in internet marketing.

And here’s my important point I want to make to my teams…

Unfortunately Most people today don’t have time to waste or spare money to experiment with.. Like I did.

And so they fall into the “GURU TRAP” looking for the “Magic Bullet” to get rich quick.Fantasy_13

And ironically, they end up spending a fortune in Time and Money playing Follow The Guru…

They spend way more than if they just did ONE THING… especially when that ONE THING is the Empower Network… which has all the tools and training they need.

So many Internet Marketing Guru’s want you to subscribe with a one-time or monthly fee to getting their help. And those fees are not cheap…

They usually charge anywhere from $497 to $997 to $10,000 or more.

But the reason that they are Internet Marketing Guru’s is that they are great at getting you to buy stuff from them.

So by the time you get off the weekly/monthly “paid-for” mentoring call with them, they’ve sold you something else.

So many New-Comers fall into this trap of “Opting-in” to every GURU’s list and signing up for every course looking for that magic bullet…

…always learning, never implementing.


They don’t realize that…

Imperfect action, beats… Perfect In-action every… single… time.

New Comers often want to wait till they’re an expert before implementing.

But you don’t become an expert until you implement and make a few mistakes.

Helping  NEWBIES  avoid this Online Guru Spending trap has become a pet peeve of mine.

I am here to help. I am happy to disclose what it is that I know that took me time and money to learn.

And I can honestly tell you, that the Empower Network, has all of the Tools, Training, Mentorship, community, longevity and in-demand products that you need to make successful living online.

Again, you can check out our income disclosure link below.

So what do you do as an empower network affiliate:

Sign in to empower network.

Go through the Acceleration Training Vidoes.

At about the 6th or 7th video, you’ll be able so set up a quick start coaching call with me.

After the training, start promoting the Daily Shortcut to provide valuable content to the online community.

I will add you to the various private facebook groups.

team consistency hangout

Wednesday Night Live Team Meeting 9:30pm ET

Including our Daily shortcut group, which has extensive training on building you Social media following, especially audience building in facebook.

Attend our Wednesday night Online team meeting from your phone, table or computer.

Build your Empower Network online business with what the late, great, Zig Ziglar said.

To paraphrase Zig Ziglar, he said… by helping enough other folks get what they want in life, you can have anything in life that you want.

I look forward to working with you, seeing your online success, and seeing you on our online team meetings.

Stay steady.

You can do it .

Me and the team are here to help.

To your Success,

Cefalu, Sicily, Italy
From a recent family European Vacation
See our Income disclosure here


I know many others are not experiencing the same success that I was Blessed to have. 

As part of my team, I invite you to create the Financial Success you know is available to anyone that gets involved with the right vehicle and the right team.

I’m not saying that money is everything… but it is a measure of your value to others.

And I would venture to say that Financial Success can help most achieve probably 99% of all their Goals and Dreams. 

As an Affiliate you have access to powerful Video Sales letter as shown when you click to the link below. This is a great video where me and some team members were featured showing screen shot testimonials and our Team member Nick was showing the

3 simple things to do in 30 minutes per day

to create online success.

Check it out again by clicking here on on the Red Button to learn the 3 simple things to do in 30 minutes per day
redyesletmeinBy joining me, Vic Mann, you get the anti-guru. I may earn income like a guru but I don’t act like a guru. I answer your questions, I answer your emails, I show you what I do to create my  best success.


 See some of my recent successes on the Leader Boards for Most Leads and Most Sign Ups
Remember… If it works for me… it will work for you!

Vic Mann Leader-Board Most Leads

Vic Mann Leader-Boards Most Sign Ups


Click this button to see how to create your Success Online by doing:

“3 Simple Things, 30 Minutes per Day”

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