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Imperfect action beats Perfect In-action… every single time.


New-Comers often want to wait till they’re an expert before implementing.

But you don’t become an expert until you implement and make a few mistakes.

So how is it that you make money online? You need 3 things:

1- Internet Traffic from people using the internet

2- An Online Sales Funnel run that Traffic through

3- A High converting profitable product that is needed within the marketplace

So what are the Tools and Potential Cost of Internet Marketing

  • Email swipes ($100+ or do your own copy)
  • Landing Page creator, Sales Page creator, Funnel software ($47 – $79/mth)
  • High converting offer (varies, hard to find)
  • Tracking software ($24 – $349/mth)
  • Link rotator ($47 – $97/mth)

This can add up to Over $500 a month. 

Not only that, but the learning curve on each of these products is immense.

I had virtually all of these products and spent a tremendous amount of money over the years… and a tremendous amount of time. 

But as I mention in my emails I had expendable time being that I was already a work at home dad from my Networking business and spare income to play with.

But not a lot of people are in the situation that I was in with a lot of spare time and income… as a matter of fact, most are not in that situation… having very little spare time and very little spare income. 

And that is why my past time investment and money investment is your gain.

I’m here to educate and guide my team

Hence, what I found to be best business to run to make money online is the Empower Network, due to it’s growth as an Online Business into what Empower Network has become today.

Empower is in it’s 6th year and originally started mainly as an authority blogging platform to get “YOUR” message online, which in turn attracted visitors to your blog that related to you and your your message.Money-increase

When they clicked the links on your Empower Blog and purchased, you made monthly commissions. You can see our income disclosure

In addition to the Viral Blogging platform, Empower added training videos/courses to the site that teaches you exactly what the GURU’s know and did online to earn big the way we do. When you bought this training, anyone joining you that also bought these courses, then you would make a commission.

If you do not own the video course, when someone on your team bought that course the commission would be passed up to your next Upline that did own the course.


So, the importance of buying any products in Empower is 2 fold:

1- to go through the course to learn the material which can’t be found anywhere else.
2- to be able to earn commissions from owning those courses

As time progressed, Empower affiliates to help them in their endeavor to make make money online started looking all over the WEB for the necessary tools:
a- Email swipes written and coded for you to you
b- Landing pages and Sales pages creation software
c- Funnel software
d- Tracking
e- Content marketing
f- Split testing ability
g- etc.

And as such, Empower Network saw an opportunity to expand their functionality and simplify the process in which to earn online for all Empower affiliates by introducing and incorporating all these tools into Empower Network.

And since then, Empower has been making incredible sales because instead of attracting only the “get rich quick” people, we have been attracting real marketers that use the above tools and want to consolidate all under one roof.

I have been full time work-at-home dad since 2009.

My goal is to help others get what they want. And to paraphrase the late, great, Zig Ziglar… by helping enough other folks get what they want in life, you can have anything you want.


Helping New-Comers (or affectionately known as: NEWBIES) avoid this Online Guru Spending trap has become a pet peeve of mine.

I am here to help. I am happy to disclose what it is that I know that took me time and money to learn.

Why do I do this? Why do I help my teams? As an Online Marketer or Affiliate Marketer… 


…it only makes sense for me to give you a helping hand in anything I promote.

By me giving you a hand and getting you into profit increases your income and ensures you use the product on a long-term basis.

So YOU can see the value in creating long-term residuals by helping your teams.

And this is what I help my Teams do too.  

As part of my newsletter, I invite you to join me and let’s get you to create the Financial Success you know is available to anyone that gets involved with the right vehicle and the right team.

I’m not saying that money is everything… but it is a measure of your value to others.

And I would venture to say that Financial Success can help most achieve probably 99% of all their Goals and Dreams. 

I think I showed you the video below where me and some team members were success.

 Team Consistency

And another video showing screen shot testimonials and our Team member Nick was showing the 3 simple things to do in 30 minutes per day.

Check it out by clicking here on on the Red Button to learn the 3 simple things to do in 30 minutes per day

To your Success,

Cefalu, Sicily, Italy
From a recent family European Vacation
See our Income disclosure here

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Vic Mann Leader-Boards Most Sign Ups


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