Empower Network lays out the game plan on how to start your business but I wanted to make this quick post on:

Getting Started With Empower Network and Getting Into Profit ASAP

So check out the video below while logged into your Empower Network back-office and lets get YOU… hitting the leader-boards. 

Not yet in Empower Network?…

then Click here to join me with a Full and Complete Trial membership.

Your short term goal is 3 sales per month of each product… minimally the subscription products such as Affiliate, of Kalatu Basic, Kalatu Premium, Inner Circle.

That get’s your subscription to that product for free as described in the above video. 

You next goal is then to increase that to 5 sales within the month so that you hit BOSS and get additional Boos bonuses. 

And then to find someone on your team who is willing to lock arms and get BOSS done for themselves. This gets them to get there subscription product free when then have 3 Active subscriptions. And with hitting 5 sales then are now BOSS with eligibilty for the BOSS bonuses. 

And now you are a BOSS Maker. 

And finally as mentioned in the video, 

2 Sales a Day to Reach $10k per Month 

Join me here to get full access to our Authority Blogging Platform: Kalatu. 


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What happens when you join me: 
1- You get my mobile number to call me or Text me
2- You get access to our private Facebook group
3- You get access to our Skype group that’s available 24×7 when you go all in
4- You get access to twice weekly beginner training with different guest instructors
5- You get the above in addition to regular EN training schedule
6- You get access to hugely discounted traffic CO-Ops
7- You get more… just reply back to me

Fire your boss…
…Break free…
…get independent…


Retirement doesn’t take age… it takes money… And… Residuals is king… when you have enough residuals coming in greater than all your bills… then you are f’ree…

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